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BFM - Gin des Franches - Box - 50cl

BFM - Gin des Franches - Box - 50cl

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Gnôle des Franches - Brasserier Gin

🍺 Style: Gin with herbs & spices
🌎 Origin: Switzerland
🌡️ Alcohol content: 40%

Word from the distiller:

HOW DO WE DO IT? We brew beer at BFM whose distilled alcohol is infused with a selection of herbs and spices, according to our recipe. The venerable Morand distillery in Martigny is responsible for distillation and bottling.

HOW DO YOU DRINK THIS MAGNIFICENT BREWERED GIN JUDICIOUSLY? The aromas of this infused grain brandy come to us from journeys and exotic dishes tasted between Japan, Lebanon, China and the Caribbean. In order to best appreciate this real invitation to travel on the spice route, we recommend a tasting “on the rock” or with a neutral tonic or even as a Gin Fizz.

TASTING NOTES Intense nose, citrus zest, peppery and floral, notes of juniper and cereals. Nice texture on the palate highlighted with a hint of spiciness and a beautiful woody and spicy roundness, leading to a rich and long aftertaste. Best enjoyed chilled.

COMPOSITION Beer alcohol, spices (juniper, pepper, cardamom), ginger, aromatic herbs (hyssop, matcha, yuzu, pink pepper), alcohol 40% volume.

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