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BEER OF THE MOMENT: EPIQ anniversary blend by À Tue-Tête!

BEER OF THE MOMENT: EPIQ anniversary blend by À Tue-Tête!

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🥂 An EPIQ birthday 🎂

Since our discovery of his exceptional craftsmanship in 2017, Julien Bretheau continues to amaze us with the generosity he infuses into his brewing creations.

Based in Aigle (VD, he is a specialist in mixed fermentations - and in his case the brewing stage is really put in the background in favor of the addition of additional stages compared to so-called more conventional beers: the fermented beer is passed into wooden barrels for months of refining where it takes on a raw and sure character, due to the action of a whole flora populating the pores of the oak barrels.

The tangy context that it develops makes the beer particularly conducive to the maceration of fruits and/or herbs whose flavors will be able to persist over time. This is especially where Julien excels: after assembling the barrels and weeks of soaking, he inevitably manages to express the character of the fruit at the ripeest and the grass at the freshest possible, by working exclusively with Vaudois and Valais harvests, most often organic.

Do we need more to convey the extent to which À Tue-Tête honors us by creating a unique blend to mark our first anniversary? Such a marvel of our land is the essence of what excites us about doing our job and sharing it with you with so much love!

LOUDLY! - Aigle, Vaud

Collab' EPIQ 2023 - 5.8% - 75cl

Mixed fermentation with peach maceration and fresh thyme infusion, a beer imagined collectively by EPIQ and À TUE-TÊTE!, assembled in June 2023

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