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BOON - Perfect Wedding Kriek - Box - 37.5cl

BOON - Perfect Wedding Kriek - Box - 37.5cl

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The Tradition of Old-fashioned Gueuze

🍺 Style: Lambic - Kriek
🌎 Origin: Belgium
🌡️ Alcohol content: 8%
🎨 Color: Dark red

Word of BOON : "The Kriek Boon Mariage Perfect is a heavy lambic of one year of age, flavored with overripe cherries, 400 grams per liter. The prolonged aging in small oak barrels gives it its particular flavor. The lambic is bottled and stored in an air-conditioned room for six months of secondary fermentation. Kriek Mariage Perfect has an alcohol volume of 8%. It can be stored for at least 20 years and is ready to drink after approximately 2 years in the bottle. Kriek beer perfection. Taste it and know it surpasses the best wine. The barrels give this beer a fine oak flavor with notes of vanilla and clove. The mouth is broad, the body is warm and the roundness recalls dried cherries and wild flavors. It’s sweetness in its purest form.”

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