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This week, a pack of 6 or 12 cans carefully selected for a maximum of delicious discoveries, freshly released by two of the most prestigious modern breweries on the old continent!

BASQUELAND is dedicated to crafting beers that live up to the Basque culinary experience. The brewery proudly identifies itself as an ambassador of Basque culture in Europe and around the world. His original creations have earned him worldwide recognition in the field of modern crafts. It interprets a wide diversity of styles with great finesse and the imprint of know-how which places it at the top of the list of the best breweries in Europe.

Since 2010, PINTA has been watering Poland with its tasty pints alternating tradition and innovation with panache . She positions herself as a true pioneer of the modern craft scene in her country. Much more than a brewery, Pinta is a human adventure, a community, exciting people, pubs, festivals, research, travel, meetings and vibrant discoveries. It's not for nothing that it is now ranked among the 10 best European breweries - and among the 100 best in the world!

BASQUELAND - San Sebastian (Spain)

AZACCA TAK - Hazy IPA with Azacca - 6% - 44cl

Canned on: ~02.02.23
Word from the brewery:

"Single Hop Hazy Ipa with... you guessed it, Azacca! in the form of T90 & Cryo. Go ahead! Attack attack, Azacca Atak!"

ELEPHANT JUICE - Thai-style Gose - 6% - 44cl

Canned on: ~31.01.23
Word from the brewery:

"Refreshing beer infused with coriander seeds, ginger, lemongrass and a subtle touch of fresh chili peppers, inspired by Thai cuisine. The beer has a citric character where the tasty mix of components stands out and is intense thanks to the added salt , while the spiciness is very subtle and is only appreciated after several glasses."

ALL GRAVY - Oat-Cream DIPA - 8% - 44cl

Canned on: ~21.01.23
Word from the brewery:

"Double Oat Cream IPA dry hopped with Citra, Galaxy and Zappa. This blend of hops releases intense tropical cocktail aromas of papaya, passion fruit, pineapple and mango? accented by spices and fresh mint from neomexicanus Zappa hops. Rich and flavorful. Pour it over anything!”

AFFOGATO - Imperial Pastry Stout - 10.1% - 44cl

Canned on: ~20.01.23
Word from the brewery:

"The Basqueland team thrives on coffee from Old Town Coffee Roasters every day. This is not our first collaboration with them and it will not be the last. This time, we opted for an affogato type beer. We have so added espresso coffee, strawberry and vanilla. A delicious dessert in a box!”


HAZY DISCOVERY: Manchester - Hazy DIPA - 7.5% - 50cl
Collab with TRACK BREWING CO. (UK)

Canned on: ~15.02.23
Word from the brewery:
"Welcome to our hoppy travel agency! This time we will visit Manchester, where Track Brewing is based, and we will drink something special in one of the local pubs. Our double cooperative IPA. Thick, strong and well hopped with the Citra®, Galaxy® and Nelson Sauvin™ varieties. Hop rate: 25g/l."

Collab with MAD SCIENTIST (Hungary)

Canned on: ~15.02.23
Word from the brewery:
"Welcome to our hoppy travel agency! The time has come to visit the capital of Hungary and meet the mad scientist. The result of the experiments of PINTA and this Budapest brewery is a strong and thick double IPA, which we have brewed with a composition of Loral®, Amora Preta and Enigma® hops. Hop rate: 25g/l."

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