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BREWERS OF THE MOMENT: WhiteFrontier & Cinq 4000!

BREWERS OF THE MOMENT: WhiteFrontier & Cinq 4000!

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Our Valais friends from the WhiteFrontier & Cinq 4000 breweries have showered us with their new creations as fine as they are fresh: we're taking this opportunity to offer you a discovery pack full of variety!


FIJI - Hoppy Blanche - 5.5% - 44cl

Word from the Brewery:
" FIDGI is the name of our dear Juliette's beloved dog, whom you have surely encountered if you came to have a drink at the Taproom or visit the brewery. A beautiful tribute to this little beauty who is a survivor. When it comes to aromas, there is no doubt, we are on a docile and fresh character with this hoppy white. A gourmet base of cloves and pepper from the yeast, wonderfully complemented by notes of sauvignon, melon and lychee brought by the use of single hops, Nelson Sauvin."

AAARgose - Gose - 5.5% - 44cl

Word from the Brewery:
" Sea buckthorn is what we call a super fruit. In addition to being rich in vitamin C, this small shrub grows anywhere, in any condition and requires little water. These fruits are very acidic, which makes it unloved in its branch, but for brewing a gose, it is perfect. This marriage gives us an acidic and fruity beer that smells of pineapple, mango and you can even find a hint of vanilla with a sharp nose. Of course, as we like them, we have a nice shot of fruit in the foreground to finish with a subtle touch of salt."

IMPERIAL STOUT - BA Blend - Heaven Hill, Rye & Lagavulin - Imperial Stout - 13% - 33cl

Word from EPIQ:
" The blend of a dense and licorice imperial stout aged in different whiskey barrels: barrels of Heaven Hill Kentucky Straight Broubon for the supple and full-bodied side, barrels of rye whiskey for the caramelized touch, and barrels of Lagavulin for the powerful peaty aroma. An intense delicacy to enjoy after après-ski. "

PETITE - Lager - 4.8% - 33cl

Word from the Brewery:
" Taking on the Classics from the top of its 33cl, this unfiltered Lager with a modern hopping rate expresses the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Basically, a beer that's anything but small dedicated to those who dare to dream big and think differently. "

CINQ 4000 - Sierre VS

IPANANAS - Tropical IPA - 7.2% - 33cl

Word from the brewer:
"IPA with pineapple and Mosaic hops. Fruit notes and slight bitterness "

VOSS WEIZEN - White - 6.2% - 33cl

Word from the brewer:
“Wheat beer with citrus flavors, grapefruit and orange”

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