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Brussels Beer Project

BRUSSELS BEER PROJECT - Pico Bello - Can - 33cl

BRUSSELS BEER PROJECT - Pico Bello - Can - 33cl

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🍺 Style: Non-alcoholic IPA
🌎 Origin: Belgium
🌡️ Alcohol content: 0.3%
🎨 Color: Cloudy Blonde

Word of BRUSSELS BEER PROJECT : "THE FIRST ALCOHOL-FREE BELGIAN ARTISANAL BEER. Brewed in a 100% natural way, with a contemporary style, Pico Bello has not undergone an industrial dealcoholization process which also results in the disappearance of many flavors. A special yeast strain was used, which creates fruity esters and minimal alcohol. After Delta and Juice Junkie, Pico Bello is also packaged in cans. This “new” format is much lighter and easier to transport. Most importantly, the can protects the beer from light and air and therefore preserves all aromas in the best possible way. It was out of the question to reduce the alcohol content of an existing beer. We then designed a new beer that meets the challenge of an alcohol-free craft beer. Pico Bello is a juicy non-alcoholic Hazy IPA with fruity aromas, a touch of bitterness and a welcome acidity that breaks with the sugary non-alcoholic beers produced by traditional brewers."

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