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CADESIO - Santiago - Dark Chocolate - 85g

CADESIO - Santiago - Dark Chocolate - 85g

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64% dark chocolate with cashew nuts and timut pepper: created in support of the MYCLIMATE foundation.

Word from CADESIO , Artisan chocolatiers in Lausanne:

"CHOCOLATE & CHANGE. What pushes people to change? It is from this question that Cadesio was born in 2019. Our company has a very clear social objective: to send a message of hope and encourage people to change things. How do we want to spread this message? Using chocolate as a vector. The syllable "Ca" means cocoa and cambiamento (word which means change in Italian). The word "desio" means desire. It s "It is therefore a desire for chocolate, but also a desire for change. Nine chocolates, nine unique tastes, nine stories, nine foundations, one community."

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