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CANTILLON - Gueuze 2021 - Box - 75cl

CANTILLON - Gueuze 2021 - Box - 75cl

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Old-fashioned Gueuze by Cantillon

🍺 Style: Oude Gueuze
🌎 Origin: Belgium
🌡️ Alcohol content: 5%
🎨 Color: Dark Blonde

A centuries-old tradition of spontaneous fermentation and blending rooted in the Senne Valley in Belgium. Once brewed, the must is transferred to a shallow flared open vat (a koelschip) for 24 hours to allow insemination by ambient wild yeasts before being transferred to barrels for aging: this is the process of making the Lambic.

A gueuze is made by blending Lambics of different ages where the youngest still contains enough sugar to allow natural carbonation after bottling. Gueuze de Cantillon expresses a tangy and fruity taste, woody and delicate aromas, with a long finish on the palate. It is a long-life beer with an evolving taste.

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