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CANTILLON - Kriek 2022 - Box - 75cl

CANTILLON - Kriek 2022 - Box - 75cl

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Old-fashioned Kriek by Cantillon

🍺Style : Oude Kriek
🌎 Origin: Belgium
🌡️ Alcohol content: 5%
🎨 Color: Red

A centuries-old tradition of spontaneous fermentation and blending rooted in the Senne Valley in Belgium. Once brewed, the must is transferred to a shallow flared open tank (a koelship) for 24 hours to allow insemination by ambient wild yeasts before being transferred to barrels for aging: this is the process of making the Lambic.

We then make a gueuze by blending Lambics of different ages where the youngest still contains enough sugar to allow natural carbonation after bottling. But before that, 200 grams per liter of morello cherries, or sour cherries (kriek, in Flemish), are added to the blend for several weeks of maceration. Kriek de Cantillon expresses a tangy taste of red fruits, with subtle flavors of almonds. It will have maximum “fruitiness” if it is tasted young. Age allows Lambic to express itself fully, to the detriment of the fruit.

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