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Cap'taine Mousse

CAP'TAINE MOUSSE - Blanche IPA - Box - 33cl

CAP'TAINE MOUSSE - Blanche IPA - Box - 33cl

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All to the brim!

🍺 Style: White IPA
🌎 Origin: Switzerland
🌡️ Alcohol content: 5%
🎨 Color: Pale Blonde

Word from the brewer: "This beer is composed of a double identity. It is the marriage of two opposing worlds; it is the olfactory magic of hops in a wheat field; it is the sweetness of a white beer associated with the pronounced character of an Indian Pale Ale. With its 35% malted wheat, it reveals itself under a luminous pale yellow color. When tasting, we perceive very pleasant hop flavors with notes of citrus and tropical fruits ."

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