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DEYA - SIREN - Wifi Beef - Can - 50cl

DEYA - SIREN - Wifi Beef - Can - 50cl

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Divine Blades...

🍺 Style: Hazy Pale with Citra and Idaho 7
🌎 Origin: England
🌡️ Alcohol content: 5.8%
🎨 Color: Troubled Yellow

Word of DEYA : "Brewed with our friends at Siren to celebrate their 10th anniversary. We pushed the fermentation profile to pump up layers of juicy fruit. Powdery yeast esters, Citra and Idaho 7, and a creamy mouthfeel for maximum of tropical punch. We had the pleasure of brewing this beer with Siren Craft Brew, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. This beer was brewed with a high proportion of wheat malt and a little light cara malt to give body and sweetness respectively. We split the mash and pushed the fermentation profile to plump up the layers of juicy fruit. We thus obtained a sweet and juicy tropical base on which we carried out dry hopping. We sent Citra, Idaho 7, Azacca and a pinch of Sabro. Sabro can divide, but small amounts bring out the juicy fruit!”

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