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SLINGSHOT - BDL Biere de Lausanne - Box -33cl

SLINGSHOT - BDL Biere de Lausanne - Box -33cl

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This is Lausanne!

🍺 Style: Season
🌎 Origin: Switzerland - Lausanne (VD)
🌡️ Alcohol content: 5.5%
🎨 Color: Blonde

Word from Slingshot : "We're not going to lie to you: This beer is not a lager. It is much more complex. As a brewer we must also comply with the ingredients. And for this beer it was a 90° angle that twisted us. Malta from the region, hops from the region, and yeast that you may be breathing right now! It's not easy to make something drinkable. And yet this is what you hold in your expert hands. A dry and peppery Season, with the rich grain of your terroirs and the fresh hops of your spring water. Yeast was there before us, and yet today it gives you that sip of beer that you needed so much. So enjoy. We enjoyed brewing it, I hope you enjoy using it again!”

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