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Pica & Repica

PICA & REPICA - Artisanal Hot Sauces - 4xBox - 4x10cl

PICA & REPICA - Artisanal Hot Sauces - 4xBox - 4x10cl

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“What do we do with chiles?” Porque el chile pica y repica! What does it mean that it's a lot of food, but it's also a food item when it comes in and it's dirty! »

“Do you know why we eat so many peppers here? Because peppers sting and sting! Which means that it stings a lot, but also that it stings when it goes in and it stings when it comes out!”

Word from Lucas: " Passionate about peppers for over 10 years, I have always wanted to grow lots of varieties. It was quite natural that I started making hot sauces to preserve my harvests and share them with my friends. I created the Pica & Repica project in order to be able to experiment with cultivation and processing on a larger scale and to pass on my love of chili peppers. I studied agricultural engineering in Geneva, as well as a master's degree in biology on the domestication of chili peppers in Mexico."

The goal of the Pica & Repica project is to transmit our love of diversity through the chili plant. " Our goal is to introduce the pleasures associated with the consumption of chili peppers to as many people as possible by producing tasty, organic and local spicy products. In fact, we produce all our peppers from seeds, we process and cook all our production ourselves. In addition, our crops have been produced according to the Bud specifications of Bio Suisse and we only use ingredients having the Bud label as far as possible, but at least the Swiss federal organic label.

Produced in Switzerland by PICA & REPICA , 100% of agricultural ingredients from organic production. Ingredients: Swiss pepper 70%, White wine vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Salt.

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