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Polly's Brew

POLLY'S BREW - BIG MOUNTAIN - Oh My... - Can - 44cl

POLLY'S BREW - BIG MOUNTAIN - Oh My... - Can - 44cl

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🍺 Style: Hazy Pale with Sabro and Citra
Auctioned on January 24, 2024
🌎 Origin: Wales
🌡️ Alcohol content: 5.8%
🎨 Color: Straw Yellow

Word of Polly's Brew : "Our final collaboration before 2020 shuts down with our awesome pals at Big Mountain Brewing, and an undeniably cult favorite takes its rightful place as the pale ale in our new Icons line. We've revisited this beer several times over the course of its existence and, originally, our first foray into using everyone's new favorite hype hop, Sabro, in one of our beers, we are now well versed in the little quirks and idiosyncrasies of this incredible strain. Maximum, Sabro brings a metric ton of sweet, creamy, pineapple and coconut notes, before being picked up by a Polly's favorite, Citra, to keep things balanced. Named after a terrible imitation of George Takei, this beer will literally make you say "...Oh my!"

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