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Polly's Brew

POLLY'S BREW - Spur - Can - 44cl

POLLY'S BREW - Spur - Can - 44cl

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🍺 Style: Hazy IPA with Azacca, Citra & Simcoe
Auctioned on February 5, 2024
🌎 Origin: Wales
🌡️ Alcohol content: 7.2%
🎨 Color: Straw Yellow

Word of Polly's Brew : "Spur has always been a firm favorite at Polly's, and the proof is in - Azacca, Citra and Simcoe hops bounce with Um-Bongo levels of tropical flavor, presenting a fruit salad full of papaya, peach , tangerine and mango in both nose and flavor. The middle child of the original Augment trio - a nightmare to can on its first tour in 2019 due to its high hop content - we have tamed this awesome beast and introduced it to our Icons range as a permanent fixture. Coated with our custom-made in-house LA3 yeast culture for massive hop suspension, it's a 100% hazy, dank and juicy beer. Spur , it’s good to have you back for good.”

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