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ST-FEUILLIEN - Grand Cru Acacia - Box - 75cl

ST-FEUILLIEN - Grand Cru Acacia - Box - 75cl

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🍺 Style: Strong Belgian Blonde
🌎 Origin: Belgium
🌡️ Alcohol content: 9.5%
🎨 Color: Blonde

Word of ST-FEUILLIEN : "Extra-blonde tasting beer, refermented in the bottle, the Grand Cru Wood Aged has a powerful personality, the quintessence of the noblest hops and the finest fermentation aromas. The foam is very white, fine and airy; it is bursts into lace. Of a very pale blond color, the color is remarkable for its limpidity and brilliance. The nose is a cascade of aromas of hops dotted with fruity notes, combining both subtlety and richness. To taste, the first sip is initially light and contrasting, then a long bitterness is revealed, full of nuances and flattering (dry hopping). The hoppy character dominates the aftertaste, prolonged by a post-bitterness of beautiful intensity. The maceration of acacia shavings brings a delicately woody, finely vanilla, softer touch that will enhance the beer and highlight its natural fruitiness as well as its freshness."

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